The General Body of the FISHCOPFED consists of member organisations and is the supreme authority of FISHCOPFED which meets once a year to review the progress of the previous year programmes and decide the policy and programmes for cooperative development for the next year. The General Body also elects the Board of Directors for tenure of five years. The Board of Directors consists of President, Vice president, one representative of National Cooperative Development Corporation, three representatives of Government of India, two Directors each from six zones, and one staff representative. Managing Director is the ex-officio member of the Board of Directors, which meets once in every quarter. The Executive Committee consists of President, Vice President, representative of NCDC and two other members of the Board.. The President is the head of the organisation. He is supported by the Managing Director who operates through the functional divisions of FISHCOPFED.


The functions of FISHCOPFED are promoting and strengthening of Fisheries Cooperative Movement through conduct of arranging of accident Insurance cover of active fishers and fishery equipment.

As to plan and carry out systematically the functions for achieving the overall objectives of the federation, FISHCOPFED has set up a number of functional divisions to design and implement the programmes within the available resources. Presently, the functional divisions of FISHCOPFED are: